EE 823 Semiconductor Devices



Wednesdays, 2.30 - 5.30  pm in Engineering 2B53

Download the following from Web-Materials or the textbooks' CD

Password from the book is needed to access these topics:

Password: 3rd Edition, page 223, the first word in the name of Equation 3.33. (Case sensitive).

Thermoelectric Effects in Semiconductors: Voltage Drift in Semiconductor Devices [PDF] v.2.05, 25 Nov 2013 (Revised)
Voltage drift in semiconductor devices.

Transferred Electron Devices: Gunn Effect [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

pn Junction: The Shockley Model [PDF]

Recombination Current and I-V Characteristics of a pn Junction Diode [PDF] v.1.0, 08 Nov 2001

Design of a pn Junction Diode [PDF] v.1.0, 08 Nov 2001

The pn Junction: Diffusion or Drift? [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Hall Effect [PDF] v.1.0, 12 Apr 2001
Principles followed by worked examples.

Depletion MOSFET Fundamentals [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Diffusion and Oxidation [PDF] v.1.30, 3 Apr 2006

Bipolar Junction Transistors at Low Frequencies: Principles and Solved Problems [PDF] v.1.0, 27 Nov 2001

High-Frequency Small-Signal BJT Model [PDF] v.1.0, 27 Nov 2001

Transistor Switches: Why the Saturated Collector-Emitter Voltage is 0.2V [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001

Enhancement MOSFET and CS Amplifier [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001
Principles followed by solved problems.

The Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET) [PDF] v.2.0, 27 Dec 2001

Semiconductor Device Fabrication [PDF] v.1.0, 10 Apr 2001